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RAD Rental

Capturing and retaining customers through a peer-to-peer RAD Power Bikes rental platform



Teodor Gacic

Sonya Butsko

Kaki Zuch

Key Words


Market Engagement, Public Relations, Systems Thinking, Strategy, Business Strategy, Rental Service, Sharing Economy, Peer-to-Peer Rental Platform


To address key challenges RAD Power Bikes encountered, our primary aim was to enhance customer sentiment and draw in new patrons. Introducing RAD Rental was our solution — a rental service following a sharing economy model that offers extended test rides for RAD Power Bikes without the pressure of a purchase commitment. The platform empowers current RAD owners to generate income by renting their bikes to potential customers. Our website and mobile app allow bike owners and renters to connect, providing a convenient service. Alongside developing this model, we've created a comprehensive marketing and launch strategy, complemented by compelling posters and banners.


The first challenge we encountered was deciding which of our two main proposals we should go forward with, RAD Rental or Ride with RAD, as both had legs and were approved by our instructors. After thorough decision-making, we opted for the RAD Rental idea. The challenge at that point was to figure out what kind of rental service would benefit the brand the most. We had to decide between a traditional bike rental service, a bike sharing system, and the option we opted for – a peer-to-peer RAD Power Bikes rental platform. Even though we truly believe our idea is great we had some difficulties communicating it to our audience, coming up with a great story to showcase our proposal was probably the most challenging aspect of our project.


As cutting costs was crucial for RAD Power Bikes, we thought developing a peer-to-peer e-bike rental platform would be the most viable option. The brand wouldn’t have to rely on renting out its own assets and take the risk of having sunken costs from unrented bikes. The peer-to-peer model would also allow us to retain current RAD owners by allowing them to rent out their underused bikes while also potentially capturing a new customer base as our rental platform would bring traction to the brand.

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