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ReGen Network

Building Changes, One Person at a Time



Alisa Rotova

Key Words


Ecology, Equity, Social Impact, Sustainability, Systems Thinking


Did you know that our buildings are responsible for 40% of global polluting emissions? They are the single most polluting aspect of our world, and too few people understand this, and even fewer are willing to do anything to facilitate change on a scale that is needed. In the next ten years, the majority of our buildings will need to be net zero energy, and currently, less than 1% of cities meet that goal. The challenge is obvious. ReGen Network’s mission is to spread awareness around how damaging conventional buildings are as well as empower people to make changes that will bring us closer to a regenerative world. In addition, ReGen’s website provides actionable resources for people to begin making real changes to their homes and offices.


My project started as an in-depth exploration of the construction industry and recent developments within the adoption of green buildings. As my research built, three barriers to systematic change towards sustainable buildings became apparent – a mindset of reducing the environmental and social harm, rather than adding value; lack of demand and communications between industry stakeholders; and an intense focus on short-term profits within the industry. As I moved forward, I explored different stakeholders, from developers to architects, for the most successful intervention. I identified end users of buildings as the most opportunistic group for change and focused on facilitating change through the home and office owners in our world.


ReGen Network is a social awareness and educational campaign, designed to facilitate action for change towards a sustainable and regenerative built environment, amongst homeowners (both future and prospective), renters, office owners, and other building users. These stakeholders hold some of the most significant market power, although they don’t realise it. They are also the most unaware of how harmful conventional buildings are, in fact only 11% of people make the connection between buildings, the environment, and our abilities to live long and healthy lives. As such, my campaign is specifically designed to firstly, educate them on the harmfulness of conventional buildings, and secondly provide the resources needed to start change.

MEET THE Designers:

Alisa Rotova

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