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Say Hi

Breaking Barriers, Building Bonds, Transforming Our Campus One 'Hi' at a Time


Key Words


Sisley Wang


At The New School, our diverse community is a point of pride. However, social comfort zones often confine student interactions to specific circles, limiting open engagement. This project aims to address the campus-wide issue of restricted interactions, seeking to inclusively engage the community for a more enriching experience. Through field research and prototyping, this project explores pain points and solutions to challenge the status quo. The New School mirrors the global challenge of balancing diversity and unity, emphasizing the broader struggle for inclusivity. As a designer who values diverse communities, this project is my commitment to enhancing human social experiences in our interconnected world.


The main challenge I faced was developing an initiative to promote low-risk, low-barrier interactions on campus. This involved a process of editing, refining, and pivoting ideas. I had to recognize the influence I hold while being realistic about changing social behavior. Finding a suitable entry point to tackle this challenge was challenging, requiring continuous refinement and adaptation of strategies. This journey involved embracing the dynamic nature of social change and persistently seeking effective solutions within the limitations of the context.


The "Say Hi" Campaign is a vibrant, campus-wide initiative promoting spontaneous and friendly interactions. By deploying campus greeters with eye-catching signs and strategically placed posters, the project directly addressed the observed challenge of social barriers on campus. The heart of the campaign lies in the power of a simple 'hi,' providing a low-barrier invitation for students to connect. This outcome aims to shift campus culture, fostering a more connected community where students feel acknowledged and valued. The campaign's tangible impact is measured by increased interactions and a friendlier, more inclusive campus atmosphere.

MEET THE Designers:

Sisley Wang

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