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Embracing a Journey of Healing and Remembrance in Pet Loss


Key Words


Zhiyao (Maggie) Ma


Sojourn redefines pet loss support by merging digital memorialization with traditional ritual and meditation healing practices, inspired by the 49-day reflection period in Tibetan Buddhism. This project offers a dual approach: a digital platform for creating tributes and connecting with others, alongside a tangible workbook for personal reflection. This innovative blend not only honors the bond with a lost pet but also guides owners through their emotional journey, making Sojourn a significant advancement in pet bereavement care.


During the design of Sojourn, the primary challenge lay in empowering pet owners to navigate the grief of losing their beloved pets. This design had the challenges due to the diverse language and emotional expressions of each owner. All users come from various cultural and ritualistic backgrounds, each with their own understanding of death and mourning. Addressing these differences required a sensitive, adaptable approach to ensure that our service resonates with all users. Creating a platform that offers both easy access and personalized ways to honor their emotional connection, while being universally comforting and respectful of diverse beliefs and practices, was a significant and intricate aspect of our design process.


Sojourn culminated as a comprehensive service blending digital and analog elements to address pet owners' grief. The digital app guides users through a 49-day journey of remembrance, inspired by Tibetan Buddhism's bardo, offering personalized features like digital journals and community connections. The fading urn feature and letters from the pet symbolize the transition process. Complementing this, an analog workbook provides a tangible reflection space, paralleling the digital journey. Sojourn's mission is to Lead the way with a comprehensive memorialization guide, with powerful digital tools, helping users honor their pets and navigate their emotional journey while facing the reality of mortality.

MEET THE Designers:

Zhiyao (Maggie) Ma

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