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Understanding Introversion

An Experiential Workshop for Creating Social Empathy


Key Words


Kaileah Hunter


Beginning as a question about how our communities impact our personalities, this project evolved into a study of how our communities can be more accepting of our unique personalities and social tendencies. With introverted individuals being the most vocal since the inception of my research, I focused on the paradox of being an introvert in a society that caters to extroverted personalities. I came across many voices that echoed my own struggles with social settings (both casually and professionally) as well as experiences that were unexpected and new to me. Working on this project allowed me to uncover my own biases as I tried to find ways to bridge the two (introverts & extroverts) together by building understanding and relatability.


My biggest and most consistent challenge while working was gathering what I felt were enough participants to respond to my work as I was testing out ideas. Part of the beauty of this challenge was that it pushed me to navigate that stress and discomfort, allowing me to grow my skills as a researcher working within communities. It truly showed me a new meaning of how to pivot when procedures don't go as initially planned, while still finding value in what is acquired.


The form of this project is a group workshop that is currently marketed towards business environments but also applies to various communities containing a mix of introverts and extroverts. This workshop is a space that allows people of all backgrounds to learn, grow, and connect while challenging their biases about introverts and/or extroverts. By explicitly naming the dynamics of social personalities, the workshop helps fill the gap of visibility and understanding of introversion/extroversion.

MEET THE Designers:

Kaileah Hunter

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