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An App that stores unwanted change

Evita Scoccia


Good-Fortune is an app that stores unwanted change, while giving some Good-Fortune to someone in need. This app is created for the convenience of the user while they are shopping. Shopping with an added reason is so much easier, especially with the top charities at your fingertips. Simply shop at any store without thinking twice about giving back. Every transaction adds 1 cent into your virtual piggy bank. Download the Good-Fortune App at the Apple store or Google play. Download using minimum storage. Create a personalized account with login credentials. Link up your credit card with our verified secure process. Select the charities of your choice for donation. Once the account is set up, you can begin swiping or clicking to start donating. The story of Good-Fortune was created to give to others while receiving good vibrations. Good-Fortune is an auspicious state resulting from favorable outcomes. The Vision of the company inspires us to use the Fortune we receive and pass on the Good to those who are in need. The technology of Good-Fortune using an APP platform is available to download at the Apple Store and Google Play. Verified with Norton to ensure safety and security with any of your personal information.



This project had some positive and negative sides effects during the process in general. The first challenging step in this journey was deciding on what procedure should be utilized to execute the donating process. In the beginning, I was not sure how to create a convenient way for the users to donate on the app or website. This involved research looking into different companies and business’ in the realm of donating. I decided to create an app that collects the change for the user of which it made it more friendly for the customer. I have found that most people do not like to feel pressured to donate. Using this app and it’s designed process, took away that pressure vibe by breaking the ice with fun. Another challenge was realized with deciding how to market the business and inspire people to download the app. The test trail begins with new surveys and trial and error. I decided it was important to look into my competitors and how other brands marketed their app. This information was vital as I gained the necessary knowledge on how to create an app that will evolve with success in the market. Overall, I was able to recognize and address the problems on how to market this app, create the exact technology, and finally get the message sent to the right target audience.


To give the customer additional reasons to utilize my company, the design of the app and website utilized a desirable theme throughout the process of each business transaction. The app is the focus for the brand creating revenue from the donations for the charities and the company. In this project I created a prototype for the app in order to be able to see how the features would work on the mobile phone. The user can either download the app on the mobile apple store or google play. Next, the customer securely links up their credit card information they will utilize for purchases. Every future charge will transact with donating 1 cent to the charity of the customer’s choice. The Good-Fortune App has an informational website that answers most frequently asked questions where you are one step away from easily
downloading the App. In the final campaign, Good-fortune decided to make a mini commercial for TV, a marketing campaign through blow up piggy banks, influencers wearing the promo shirts, social media, billboards, subway advertisement and lastly QR codes all over the city to download the app.

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