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Team 5: Art X Waste (Ombligo)

Creating a strategic marketing strategy for client Ombligo in efforts to acquire them more clients and establish their brand presence in a creative manner.

Gabriela Garcia Helin, Giulia Carniato, Shurong Pan

Gabriela Garcia Helin:
Giulia Carniato:
Shurong Pan:


The goal of this project was to present Ombligo with an innovative and strategic marketing strategy that would meet its business objectives of acquiring corporate clients while simultaneously establishing its brand identity and bringing awareness to the impending problem of electronic waste.

With the clients' goals in mind, we had to think big and outside the box. Our final proposal includes hosting a two-day event in celebration of Earth day, surrounding an exclusively commissioned installation by environmental artist, Basia Goszczynska.

Events and experiences are not only one of the most effective marketing channels for driving key business objectives but pose a significant chance of realizing a return on your investment. We planned the event from top to bottom and presented the client with a detailed pitch deck that can be translated into a real-life event. Every detail about what this event entails was accounted for.



As creatives, we struggled with breaking down all of our ideas and adhering to one final concept. We initially proposed three different concepts that although were creative and strategic, were unfortunately not plausible and didn’t match our clients' expectations. They were too far out of the box. Halfway through the project, we were forced to pivot and come up with alternate solutions. In the end, we stuck with our original idea that we didn’t initially communicate with Ombligo by creating some form of partnership with an environmental artist and building off of that collaboration. This redirection of our project's goal was time-sensitive and in a way forced us to start over mid way. However, this challenge was most definitely worth the final outcome of our project. We are tremendously proud of the event and partnership we conceptualized for the client.


We aim to recognize, promote, and see the arts embraced as a critical social, environmental and developmental partner. Our event's art installation serves as a visual representation, inviting attendees to join us to make a difference by choosing responsible recycling methods that can help save our environment. The purpose behind our event and art installation is to raise awareness around the impact of e-waste on the environment, to inspire people to take action and develop partnerships, and to celebrate Ombligo as a leading IT Asset Disposition provider.

In addition to the event, we proposed a post-event strategy in which the art installation can be used for other activities, such as being featured in a corporate e-waste event, that can further benefit Ombligo’s goals. It was important for us to present an art installation that possesses value and longevity in its efforts to accomplish its intended purpose for Ombligo.

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