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Elise Loving, Amara Norman, Yali Xiang, Ali Fisher

Configuring Community

Merging values of Industry City, the Sunset Park Community, and WantedDesign to create an innovative design center.

Our intention was to ideate a non-traditional design center. How might we create a design center that represents the values of sustaining community and inclusivity? Research including competitor analyses, observational exercises and mapping, interviews, and site visits informed us that the values put forward by Industry City, WantedDesign, and the Sunset Park Community would be at the forefront of decisions made for our concept. The summation of these values are education, community, and sustainability.



Our challenge was to seamlessly incorporate all values into one space in a way that creates a unique user experience for both clientele and locals. Despite generating jobs, new developments create tension, so we recognized being community oriented is essential for the success of both the launch and long term growth of the design center.



Our concept, The Hedra is dynamic, engaging, inclusive, and modular. A honeycomb inspired floor plan is a testament to working together effectively. The hexahedron shape showcases exemplary design while being adaptable to serve multiple user needs. Incorporating public access via a monthly series, brand mentorship programming, and online connection aids our social impact focus. Advertising was made to spark public interest with slogans like “Joy is Access to your Curiosity.”

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