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Liam Gavin, Rachel Nagao, Yvonne Ma

IC DesignHouse

Curating a contemporary and innovative space for design creatives in New York City.

In association with Wanted Design, we have been tasked with developing a design center for Industry City, a Brooklyn destination, to promote design and re-introduce New York as
a notable city for design. Our mission for this project includes facilitating inclusive design inspiration through a thoughtfully curated, adaptable space that offers fluidity and flexibility, and promoting rotating aesthetics -- all built on an industry-disruptive strategy that challenges contemporary showrooms and builds community within.



We initially spent a lot of time breaking down the project brief because it was difficult to pin-point the specific needs of Wanted Design. At the start of the semester, it was unclear how we were to create a design center that would stand out, especially compared to the design centers currently located in Manhattan. As a group, we worked hard to ensure that we not only catered to Wanted Design, but the needs of design professionals who would hopefully work in the design center on a regular basis. As our project progressed, we challenged ourselves to articulate the narratives built into our presentation and communicate the strengths of our final result.



Our final compendium features the logistic and design plans for the IC DesignHouse showroom. We have utilized the open-concept space available at Industry City, to showcase a dual-collection of curated design trends that rotate seasonally. In addition to designing the space, we have created thematic marketing tools to intrigue clients and customers and introduce each seasonal theme. These rotating themes provide Wanted Design the opportunity to become tastemakers in their field and bring in a steady flow of design professionals seeking inspiration in Industry City.

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