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Madeline Gough


Helping those who experience consistent foot pain or discomfort by creating custom insert recommendations directly applicable to their life, straight to their door step.

This all began with trying to see the relationship between comfort, fashion, and health in relationship to shoes. I focused on each element of pain. I found that shoe inserts helped with the comfort aspect and that there were more pressing areas to focus on. If the answer already existed, Shoe inserts, why weren’t more people utilizing them? I believe that by altering the stigma around shoe inserts and increasing the accessibility and information available, shoe inserts will become a regular aspect of daily life.



I had the challenge of having multiple different directions that I could take this project. I struggled with which direction to take it that hasn’t yet been taped into. I realized that I would be able to use the already existing insert market/product to my advantage. Once I realized there was a stigma around inserts that they were for “Old” people, I then had the challenge of figuring out how I could change people’s mindsets, arguably one of the hardest things to do.



I created INNERSOLES, where we provide custom shoe insert recommendation kits. The website and interface I created houses the sole quiz which generates their kit recommendation. Information sheets are provided for greater understanding. Having them sent directly to them, removing all the hassle. Providing this service in a way that appeals to the younger generation to help alter the stigma set in place toward insoles. It tackles 3 problem areas the lack of understanding about insoles, accessibility, and the stigma around them.

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