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Lucelia Nelles

SEE Campaign

A multi-channel campaign with a mission to increase social, environmental and economical sustainability in the real estate sector.

The SEE Campaign came from my research insight that many individuals highly value sustainability in their overall life but feel confused and overwhelmed when it comes to sustainable real estate shopping. I developed a campaign that consists of social media strategy, partnerships, digital events, financial forecasting and a mobile application that helps people understand how to ask about sustainability while apartment shopping.



A challenging aspect of this project was learning how to tackle such a large topic with many complexities. Sustainability comes in many forms, specifically in real estate, and it was important to me that not only environmental sustainability was discussed but also how economical and social sustainability drastically impact individuals in their homes and surrounding communities.



My project primarily focuses on the design of a mobile app that helps consumers evaluate/compare apartments. By providing categories of questions to ask while on apartment tours and easily storing the information, users are able compare data across multiple units. By providing a section of the app dedicated to sustainability, it is my goal that consumers begin to normalize asking about environmental impact when apartment shopping. An increase in sustainable home choices will lead to decreased waste, water use, pollution, CO2 emissions and use of raw materials worldwide.

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