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Alena Mosionzhik, Christina Yang, Ally Ick

UNICEF Virtual Summit

How might we bring awareness and boost interest to DPG platform around developers for them to join?

The goal is to engage experts in their respective fields to support promising open-source technology, promoting digital public goods, which can be scaled to have profound impact on the lives of children around the world, addressing a number of key areas and building awareness to engage experts and the development of an incentive mechanism in order to inspire companies and individuals to support projects.



Terminology was a big challenge since the wording “expert” is very specific for DPG and it wasn’t clear who we are supposed to engage - whether these are contributors or communities of practice, who conduct nominee assessments. User journeying was another interesting process to understand since it is designed for developers and none of our team members had any previous expertise in coding.



We wanted to use the current cover situation as an advantage, and therefore came up with a virtual summit that brings attention to DPG as a whole, while engaging and bringing in potential contributors. It gives an opportunity to bring the one’s impact to sustainable development goals through personalised by SDG themes speakers and workshops provided, as well as networking space to stay connected with industry leaders and an opportunity to present the one’s start-up ideas to them.

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