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Amazon Air

A brand experience for travelers in Saudi Arabia airports that engage members with Amazon products

Maya Kapur, Emma Jin, Karen Kuan


Tasked with strategic consultation for the client, Amazon Saudi Arabia, the design solution must provide market opportunities for the Gen-Z audience to further expand Amazon’s presence. This project specifically taps into the Gen-Z lifestyle and explores their unmet needs in response to the Amazon marketplace in Saudi Arabia. Because the Saudi youth is more than 50% of the population and has more than 100% digital connectivity, it is the perfect opportunity to explore and innovate methods to strengthen the overall consumer experience. Our goal is to provide our target audience with a trendy and personalized immersion into Amazon Saudi’s product offering. This project details an elaborate growth strategy that elevates Amazon’s brand image and harnesses Saudi youth’s jet-setting lifestyle post-Covid.


Amazon Saudi Arabia is wrestling to capture impressions from the youth population. As Gen-Z occupies the majority of the population in Saudi Arabia, their presence becomes a crucial growth factor for Amazon. However, while tackling the transition from, there is a lack of returning customers since Amazon has yet to be fully adopted by the majority of online consumers. Unlike Amazon in the United States, Amazon-branded products in Saudi Arabia have less popularity and Amazon Prime has a different reputation in terms of delivery speed and product diversity. How can Amazon retain customers and attract new ones? After uncovering data and insight-based evidence, young consumers showed interest in an innovative space to further explore Amazon Saudi’s offerings. With that in mind, we focused on developing and polishing our strategic solutions over the course of this 4-month project.


Our solution, Amazon Air, consists of two parts: an in-flight e-catalog and a full-service terminal lounge. We found that 54% of the Saudi Arabia population are Gen-Z who value brand loyalty, have high spending power, and want exclusive personalization. After understanding this, we believe there’s an opportunity to connect and create an impactful impression to further encourage their spendings on The lounges are to be located at the largest Saudi airports with the most traction – our target audience has then expanded and is now inclusive to inbound and outbound travelers. Amazon Air aims to create an engaging end-to-end customer experience that is trendy and personalized. Members can enjoy a wide array of amenities, taste the seasonal chef-designed menus, and interact with all Amazon services and products. By engaging consumers with this brand experience, it can garner impressions from new audiences to drive online sales.

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