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Amazon Ammura

Brand Awareness Campaign

Julia Ku, Livia Duan, Jane Gao


Ammura - a brand campaign for Amazon Beauty to expand on the Saudi Arabia market by doing a collaboration with Huda Beauty. Halal certified Huda cosmetics would not only make Huda and Amazon appeal more to a Middle Eastern audience, but also ease some of the product validity issues that have previously been encountered. We want to express the attitude of look good, feel good and we want to develop momentum first with branding. Thus, brings us to our mission Translate Amazon's technological convenience into a beauty one-stop shop to empower the Middle Eastern experience of personalized, accessible, and effortless product selection. With the help of rebranding, PR, and consideration of Saudi's culture, we incentivize with values of personalization, intangible experiences combined with Amazon's convenience, product authentication, and digital marketing trends.


Amazon Amurra was carried out entirely in remote settings, where all members were meeting in different time zones. Despite the time challenges, we had struggled to balance the brand awareness campaign between Huda Beauty and Amazon. Our intention of this project is to bring personality and culture onto Amazon, as a tech company. We constantly asked ourselves, why Huda Beauty and how can Huda Beauty work with Amazon? What’s missing? And how can be accomplish our goals without making Amazon a beauty company when it’s a one-stop shop for everything.


We concluded a brand awareness campaign called Amazon Ammura that would both rebrand Amazon’s beauty category and build its credibility. To kickstart this campaign, we proposed to collaborate with Huda Kattan as a Middle Eastern face to gain publicity with domestic appeal, which would be appropriate to a Saudi Arabian audience. We also considered how Amazon failed to enter the Chinese market because of a lack of exhibiting a cultural understanding, thus we wanted to include a Halal certified collaboration with Huda. This collaboration would include QR code verification so that customers can verify authentic products from counterfeit. After pitching this publicity strategy, we broke down methods of conversational marketing, user generated content, and digital marketing trends that were compatible with our Gen Z Saudi audience. For example, we included filter marketing, in store kiosks, and instagram marketing on Huda’s social media page such as livestreams.

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