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Amazon Bazaar

A new way for young Saudi’s to engage with the platform; socialize, buy, sell, connect.

Anna Frazier, Tatiana Hayden, Stephanie Kim


Our project brief asked for ways in which could reach more of Saudi Arabia’s Generation Z and become a more desirable e-commerce platform overall. When we initially met with the client, we were told about the struggles they had in terms of customer trust, loyalty, and infrastructure issues. With somewhat limited information and the lack of ability to conduct on-the-ground research, we poured over what we could find on the internet; studies, articles, testimonies, etc. We conducted an interview with a young, Saudi girl to verify our findings and test our theories. What we ended up building our proposal upon was; Gen Z’s massive consumption of social media, rising interest in entrepreneurial endeavors, and the desire to break from cultural norms.


The Initial research we conducted while brainstorming proposals for the brief was difficult as none of our team members had been to Saudi Arabia and were severely underexposed to the people and the culture. Another challenge that came later on was being able to successfully communicate our primary idea; there was a disconnect in how we were able to talk about our proposal in a dialogue versus how we were able to present that same proposal, concisely, within a pitch deck. Luckily, by our final presentation with the client, we felt that issue had been fully resolved.


Amazon Bazaar is a social commerce platform integrated into the already existing app and website. Users who are attracted to building their own businesses and connecting with other entrepreneurs can create an Instagram/Depop-style profile where each post is an item for sale. They have the options of selling their own, personal items or linking to existing items on Amazon. For their personal sale items, they are encouraged to list at least six comparable Amazon products for increased engagement and user experience. This model works in tandem with the Amazon Affiliates program; awarding a small percentage of recommended item sales to users.

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