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Amazon EZ-Pay

Amazon Saudi Arabia's newest digital payment method.

Eve Rublevich, Sari Cattan, Sophie Thalheim, Sofia Morett


Market Engagement, Operations, Prototyping, Technology, User Experience


From speaking to target consumers we learned that Saudi Arabians prefer using cash because of a lack of trust and accountability with credit cards. This reliance on cash creates an inconvenience when they have to be home to pay for a delivery. As we sought to find a way to solve for issues with cash and credit cards, we considered a hybrid approach with Ez Pay leveraging the existing platform for Amazon gift cards. Our goal is to reframe the gift card so it can adopted as a primary payment method that is safe, easy & convenient in order to encourage consumers to utilize ez-pay cards to facilitate online purchases on Amazon.


Our biggest challenge was getting in touch with stakeholders in Saudi Arabia or near the region and obtaining primary information from them that would help guide our project in a specific direction. Of course, research online and feedback from our teachers' was necessary, but the information received from a person in the region themselves was crucial. Finally, towards the end of the semester we were successful in finding a contact and his insights really allowed us to cater our project to the specific needs and wants of Saudi Arabians.


Our final deliverable was multi-faceted and consisted of prototypes of the Amazon Ez-Pay platform and qualities. These qualities included Amazon Ez-budget, a budgeting capability that allows parents to supervise their childrens’ spending and teach them the importance of budgeting via releasing limited funds monthly/weekly or freezing the account. Additionally, customers are able to transfer their Ez-Pay funds to their friends or family if necessary (similar to Venmo). The Amazon Ez-pay card works on a point system that allows customers to receive points for every purchase in order to redeem these points as funds towards their next purchase. Lastly, Amazon Ez-Pay would be launched with Amazon Accountability, Amazon’s customer service effort that does not impose long wait times or fees on their customers. The Amazon Accountability service can be accessed through Whatsapp or Facebook to ensure ease and convenience. Amazon Accountability shows customers that Amazon has their back and that they will always be covered when conducting business with Amazon. Amazon Ez-Pay is a way to incentivize customers to purchase from Amazon and to remain loyal to the brand.

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