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Amazon POP: Live Streaming Pop Performance Service

Bring Your Youth to Amazon Pop, Shop Smart and Enjoy Live Stream Pop Performance

Junkang Lyu, Harim Kim, Mingyu Zhang


With the New Amazon Prime live video streaming platform, we are offering a new outlet for Pop Artists to perform, which the service will include live chat and smart shopping for MZ generation in Saudi Arabia. These new exciting features will perform as a community playground for the big young fandoms in Saudi Arabia as they share, experience and consume conveniently.


The main challenge was the team cooperation in the beginning, since all of our team members were meeting online via ZOOM, and all are in different timezones, it was very difficult to find a perfect time slot that works for us. However, we quickly adjusted that in two weeks and motivated each other to do our best work. Another main challenge would be the fact that we were working for Amazon, a worldwide well-known company, to generate creative new concepts for Amazon was definitely a difficult task, but with each of our efforts and ideas and came up with the final prototype and are all very proud of it.


We came up with Prototypes of our service that visualize our features. Mainly the service is offering two great experiences to users: Live Community with Performance and Product Curation. While sharing experience with others in real time, they also can purchase the related products according to their preference. Finally, this service is anticipated to contribute on new influx of subscribers in Amazon Prime and develop as a metaverse version of Amazon Prime in near future.

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