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Amazon Saudi Arabia

Team Purchasing Revolutionizes Online Shopping

Shelby Oconnell, Jane Chen, Changmo Kang


Our group is introducing the idea of Team Purchasing to Amazon. Team Purchasing would be implemented into their website and app allowing for users to purchase items alone or in a group. When they purchase in a group they will be offered a lower price. They can comment, share, and post about their new product; Making the shopping a group experience. This will be promoted on their home page. Instagram influencers will also be used to promote this idea.


We originally wanted to do a program where Instagram influencers would sell product via Instagram live and gather a commission. This would have created benefits for Amazon and the influencer. It turned out that, that is already something Amazon is working on. So we had to pivot our whole idea. This is when we started to do more research and see what worked in other countries. We than learned about Team purchasing and thought it was the perfect new idea and we could still use the influencers to promote this idea.


From research, interviews, and feedback we concluded that prototypes would be the best way to show case our idea. We created a mock up of the home page, product pages, and showed how to join/ share your team purchase. We decided that our marketing strategy would include our original idea of influencers. They will show their followers how they use team purchase. Team Purchasing help companies get expose to new clients and creates more client dialogue. In conclusion, we believe that team purchasing would be a beneficial addition to Amazon.SA

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