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New display of web design of

Margaret Li, Zhaoxin Song, Yuting Zeng


Our idea is to improve the display of products on in order to make online shopping more appealing to consumers in Saudi Arabia. The current layout of only gives people one (or just a few) plain pictures with a boring description, so we believe that it definitely could not fulfill the needs of the consumers. In order to finalize our findings, we provided the consumers with various forms of displaying products, so that they can interact with them in many different ways. We also did shootings for four sets of clothing and created video content in order to make it more appealing.


When doing video shooting, it is hard to get everything in collections. As displaying samples, we want to use only one brand to keep unified. So we reach to some garments stores for support, asking them to rend several items in one brand. Our idea also includes styling instruction when displaying the project, we also need to mix and match by ourselves. Photo and video shooting are not our expertise, we learn how to be a model professionally, so we can show the most ideal display effects as we plan. Also, because we don’t have any coding knowledge, we found a no-code website to show our project outcome for visualization.


We did a few designs to finalize our thoughts. We shoot photos from different angles with styling for each outfit. We took videos to show a 360 degree effect,and we also designed a mock-up website in the view of consumers. All of our team members contributed to the final work and we also learned a lot from discussion with Adbo.

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