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An Invitation to the Future

A Click into the Future: We will all board on the new era

Moria Wen, Kean Chen, Zhaolin Lu, Jessie Wang


This is a video ad campaign of a trip into 2040, 2060, and 2080, showing how Amazon deliver packages in the future. Amazon futuristic prototypes will be shown in different urban settings in Saudi as well. Through this projection of the future, we wish to attract young customer in Saudi Arabia to into our technological and creative rationale. Our goals for this campaign are to educate people about why ecommerce lifestyle being convenient, inform people that the trend in future is about going virtual on everything, and show how people can allow Amazon as a leader in the market penetrate into their life in a friendly and helpful way. After seeing the ad, our target audiences will be attracted to this futuristic concept and check out Amazon website or visit our pop-up exhibitions of futuristic Amazon prototypes.


We initially planned to do a documentary about Amazon tech team to show how we design and program our website to ensure users’ privacy and security. Through this proposal, we wanted to eliminate the trust issue towards ecommerce concept in Saudi. However, after discussing several other proposals, we changed our direction into this futuristic idea because trust issue was less serious among the young (we were targeting to Gen Zs). It was challenging at first to start over in midterm, but as our first draft of the storyboard came out, our direction became clearer.


We successfully made a story board of our video ad, along with a copy strategy to further show our ideas. Following up with the ad, we also proposed a pop-up store in Saudi to display our products and futuristic prototypes. We effectively pictured Amazon future to audiences and clearly demonstrate the core values of the brand in the video. Through our media strategy, the fascinating future is connected with the present, inviting people to join our journey.

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