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Creative Freedom

Relics Art in the Dafen Village

Weitong Li, Lin Wang


Overseas buyers of copied Western oil paintings will be disappointed to learn that dirt-cheap Van Gogh and Monet knock-offs no longer line studio walls of Shenzhen's famed village of Dafen, the former world capital of mass-produced works of art and imitation masterpieces.Through investigation and research, we found that these painters hope to create, and they need a platform.


It is difficult for us to contact these painters. After in-depth communication with them, we hope to find a balance. It is challenging to break the original traditional business model. The original model has become entrenched, and it is difficult for some people to accept new media and the Internet.


We are attracted by this industry and we see better business opportunities. We hope to use our own ideas and creativity to change the status quo. Support the dreams of these painters. The art museum of Dafen give the visitors and painters maintain the most direct contact between works, through conversation, viewing, ordering,, etc.The online app has a brief introduction of their works, which is one of our sales channels.

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