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Pic it: Let the picture speak

Building a new function on Amazon.SA for better reducing customer’s browsing time and provide easier shopping experience

Xi Chen, Claire Qi, Krissy Chen


For our group’s project, we provide an idea about finding goods by pictures, we named it Pic It. This function we provide is for helping SA Gen Zs get more close connections with the local trends through Amazon. It’s a similar function as the Google image finding. The basic know-why is about using the image recognition technology to reduce customers' browsing time and providing more match items. By the images customers uploaded, Pic It can help customer get their unknown items in seconds with the correct answers by the image recognition. Also providing by different sellers for price comparison and no goods type limitation. Our goal of this idea is: to help customers finding the goods they want in the fastest, cheapest, easiest, richest way. This function not only help Customer get the target goods, but also help amazon team to launching out more valuable goods in the future.


Challenges we faced includes trying to connect with local Saudi Arabian gen Z at the first place since we don’t know anyone from there. However, we made the best use out of social media and was able to connect with some locals through Instagram and got some useful insights from them. Moreover, when our group first came up with the storytelling idea, we were worried about not being able to execute it or bring the abstract idea to life. We thought of many different ways and methods to tell the story, but suddenly we got attracted to the narrative story telling method utilizing storyboard. It was fun to think of a plot first and then make it into cohesive and coherent story for the audience to better understand the idea in a clear and fast way.


From our research we found that GenZ people in Saudi Arabia are very interested in social media and KOL but have trouble when they are trying to find celebrity identical items. And during our case study we learned that there is a feature like image search on some platforms. So the solution our project provided to was to upgrade the search function, PIC IT, which is such an image search function. Users can use images to search directly for the products they want, and this feature also supports related product recommendations. At the same time, this feature provides data to backend to help future product selection when the product is temporarily unavailable.

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