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The world is re-inventing itself.
You are the Designers of that Future.

Welcome to our BBA Symposium 2021 virtual exhibition!

Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary action and this year was like no other! The world is shifting and re-inventing itself and our BBA graduates of 2021 are at the foreground of that change, setting the stage for what the future holds in design, business and critical and creative thinking. No issue is too small, no concept too complex. 


During this past year, BBA students have tackled their senior capstone projects and chosen to research individual topics of their choice or worked on team-based partner briefs with external partners Amazon, Sci4NY and the Human Rights Foundation. You can view the work in our online gallery.

This endeavor was possible due to our SP capstone wonderful teaching team to whom I am eternally grateful for their dedication, passion and love of the students: Anna Lathrop, Killeen Hanson, Lee Anderson, Domenica De Fazio, Anze Zadel, Mark Randall, Michael Sainato, Robert McKinnon and Ammar Belal. Working with you all in such a collaborative groundbreaking way was truly inspiring and I am grateful for the opportunity. 


Class of 2021, you are designing a better, more just, diverse and equitable world. You have shown us resilience, strength, depth and meaning, building solid foundations and going out into the world empathetic and curious leaders that will shape a better future by tackling social and ecological injustice, building more sustainable systems and creative problem solving all with an inclusive community-focused framework. You are challenging notions of identity, culture and place, rethinking consumption and re-imagining what it means to create impact. As you graduate and start this new phase of your life, stay curious, remember your values, work with empathy and passion and always from a place of joy. 



Warm regards,
Hala Abdel Malak

Director, Strategic Design and Management BBA, School of Design Strategies, Parsons

Message from the SP Capstone Teaching Team 2021 to BBA graduates:
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