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Reuben Oliver

giving credit where credits due

Reuben Gladstone


Art, Branding, Design, Entrepreneurship


Reuben Oliver is a luxury knitwear brand devoted to celebrating the heritage of Peruvian artisans. Based in Lima, we share stories of people and places throughout Peru while sourcing sustainable fabrics. By cultivating relationships with a hand-selected group of craftsman, we ensure each garment undergoes a rich process and that our operations never perpetuate poor working conditions for our creators. As we evolve and develop new designs, we will always stay true to our core: authenticity and true craftsmanship.


Our factory is located in the heart of Lima and is home to a team of talented seamstresses and artisans. By maintaining this close relationship with our factory and the creators who work there, we can be sure that they are working in safe working conditions and that they are deeply involved in the creative process.


I wish to continue this process of growing my brand!

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