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The Out-of-Box Experience

Rethinking Packaging

Coco Chang, Jiamin(Bonnie) Wu, Tianni(Dolly) Yun


Online shopping orders always come in the brown paper boxes by your door. Do customers have a feel-good experience with these boxes, that they might even know where it is from until opening it? Amazon is known for its efficiency and its signature brown Amazon-logo printed box worldwide. In the tide of the ECs in Saudi Arabia, Amazon can build a different brand image to elevate its packaging up to set itself apart from other EC retailers. With the updated designs, Amazon can reinforce brand images and impressions within the existing and future customers..


Challenges come in a few different aspects. At first, it was to get first hand information and insights from the Saudi region. Researching on a market that we have never heard of and do not have connections with is challenging. After proposing the initial idea, we realized that the idea had constraints to develop and people might not buy into the idea. So the final proposal came as a derivative of our initial proposal, different subscriptions that are in trend. The idea came from customers' impression and experience. But the major challenge is how to convince Amazon SA that this proposal could be worth-it? Thinking from a corporate perspective is more difficult than curating the need from consumers.


Our mission is to foster a feel-good experience apart from the other ECs, by not delivering typical brown boxes to consumers' doors, but also joy and excitement, through an updated packaging. To manage this cost effectively, we have proposed a few solutions that can be adapted all year round and during its peak season. The ideal design is aesthetically connected, functionally immediate, and emotionally uplifting with personalized factors to elevate the purchasing journey. In uplifting Amazon’s Package Design, we hope to bring Amazon higher exposure in the SA market and reinforce Amazon’s brand image to customers.

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