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Amazon Saudi E-Commerce Festival

Jialin Zhou, Yuanting Liu, Peixuan Ren


Our mission is to build a successful marketing campaign for Amazon Sa. We aim to eventually greatly increase the sales volume and registered users for Amazon Sa. Our group aim to focus on women's rights in Saudi. Through Amazon's strong visibility and influence, we were able to attract more local female customers while helping to equalize women's rights in Saudi and achieve the goal of generating profits. At the same time, we were thinking about the vast influence e-commerce has brought to the consumer market in recent years. By learning from China's foundation in the e-commerce market, we worked to create a women's e-commerce festival in Saudi.


One of the biggest challenges for our group in this project was online communication. Because of the epidemic, every group discussion was conducted online, and there may be some details of the project that are more effective to communicate face-to-face. However, our group will hold online meetings every week as planned to give each other a chance
to share and reflect. Another challenge was how to bridge the theme of women's rights with Amazon's corporate culture. As we all know, our client Amazon is a well-known and profitable cross-border e-commerce platform. Although our topic is socially valuable, we faced a dilemma in linking such a women's rights topic with Amazon and making it understood and accepted by our customers. Our group hopes to connect the two through a project like the Women's E-Commerce Festival.


In the end, our group conceived the Women's E-Commerce Festival as our answer to the question, which fits both Amazon's corporate image and the theme of women's rights. As a new industry, e-commerce in China has made good progress and has a great future. Through our research, we found that there is a strong positive relationship between women's rights and women's purchasing power. Our group hopes to promote the concept of Women's E-Commerce Day in Saudi Arabia through various mainstream media (Instagram/Youtube) and influencers and commit Amazon to donate 3% of its total sales to help women in Saudi Arabia. This will help restore Saudi women's rights and simultaneously increase Amazon's corporate reputation, open up new markets, and bring huge profits.

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