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Colligo: Infer, Collect, Conclude

A community-based recipe adaption mobile application for sustainable and efficient home cooking.


Lauren Neman


Cooking something delicious takes time and thought. Poor planning at home leads to over buying, over preparing, and missing expiration dates. How might we reduce food waste through intuitive cooking processes and community engagement? Colligo inspires freedom in your home kitchen by deconstructing cooking with a consideration of planetary stewardship. This mobile app is a reverse cookbook search engine designed to make use of leftovers and pantry ingredients. It houses a social platform that augments the life of traditionally written recipes through user iterations. With Colligo, we can collect inspiration from others, infer our own processes, and conclude with a new dish.


Not everyone in the world thinks about food as much as I do and most of my friends don't like to cook or know how. How do I build a platform or service that people will return to? How can I ensure it attracts people of all skill levels? How can I get people more excited about home cooking? How can I streamline the user experience to include instructions that are both skimmable and readable?


Colligo presents a different perspective on home cooking that is more approachable than following a recipe. It cuts down serving sizes to feed 1-2 people as opposed to the usual 4-6 which leads to over-preparing. It will include basic and higher level recipes but without exact measurements which often leads to over-buying. By integrating an element of a social network into the app, people are more likely to return to it to see what friends are cooking at home. User substitution posts provide and recipe descriptions act as two a shorthand versions of the more readable, original posting.

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