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Genderless Fashion & The Future

A Comprehensive Resource for Genderless Fashion


Alexandre Lefils


This project aims to become a comprehensive resource for Genderless Fashion, especially trying to highlight and tackle the concepts of sizing and accessibility. I created 2 extensive timelines which look over the intricacies of genderless fashion’s diffusion into mainstream society. One of my timelines was exclusive to Valentino’s genderless fashion diffusion and the other looks broadly over genderless fashion diffusion since the 1950s. I also created a couple garment prototypes as well as other ethnographic and primary research tidbits including behind the scenes fashion week footage. Finally to help highlight lesser known designers, I included a genderless designer of the month spotlight section which will continue displaying each month a new up and coming genderless designer currently studying at or having recently graduated from Parsons.


The most challenging aspect of this project was by far time management. Being enrolled full time, on top of working 30+ hours per week at Valentino and commuting about 4 hours a day from New Jersey- definitely left me with very little productive downtime. My social life also took a substantial hit after having to move to New Jersey because my friends and fellow artists/designers have always been a constant source of inspiration for me. I also think trying to find the best way to convey my research and synthesize my findings with my thesis question was also quite difficult, but nonetheless without the challenges, I wouldn’t have been able to learn as much as I did.


I am very proud of my outcomes considering the very limited amount of time my schedule allowed me to spend on this project. Being able to iterate garment concepts as well as synthesizing comprehensive research in the form of timelines and ethnography in addition to advertising up and coming local designers - I believe my project touches on all important aspects available to me. I am without a doubt going to continue compiling research and findings as genderless fashion evolves, as well as adding new protoypes as I conceive them and advertising up and coming designers. I would have really liked to create a physical garment as opposed to simple tech packs but my expertise does not lay in Fashion Design so I am very content with what I have.

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