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Road Trip Collectibles: A Journey Across America



Hannah Park

Kelly Chen

Mia Coker


“On The Road” by Candylab is a curated and individualized road trip experience that caters to travel-minded adults who wish to commemorate and show off their journeys in a unique way. Our product includes a laser-cut wooden map of the United States that displays as a decorative and interactive piece for the home. Along with the map, we also created magnetic candy car enamel pins with designs exclusive for each state, for customers to collect and mark each location they’ve visited. Through this project, we wish to create an engaging experience for our customers and offer them an opportunity to create new memories.


See the project video: 


Our team faced several challenges in creating an attractive product that not only met the needs of our target audience but also aligned with CANDYLAB’s brand values and business goals. One of the biggest hurdles was designing the physical prototype of the wooden maps and enamel pins. We wanted to guarantee the wood was of great quality, that the laser cutting was precise, and that the staining and gloss finish was done appropriately. Furthermore, we were on a tight schedule, which called for effective project management and teamwork to ensure that we met all our deadlines. Despite these challenges, we persevered and created an exciting product that we are proud to present.


Our team found that storytelling was the most important aspect of our project, and our final outcome - consisting of the wooden map and pins, as well as the accompanying app/website - is not complete without the step-by-step launch strategy and participation of Candylab's customers. While our project is centered around the physical products we have created, the success of this initiative relies heavily on the activation of the customers and the understanding that our group is ultimately trying to create an engaging experience for the customers rather than simply introducing a new product. Our goal is to inspire adventure using Candylab’s products as a vehicle to do so, ultimately sparking greater interest in the brand’s core product line.

MEET THE Designers:
Hannah Park
Kelly Chen
Mia Coker
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