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For the Mission, Not the Fashion

Building global partnerships to support an artisan business that specializes in a legacy craft





Zarizar, a handloom weaving house and mineral retailer, aimed to increase sales in the US market. I expanded this goal by cultivating partnerships with global artisan economy preservation organizations to develop Zarizar as a whole from branding to their supply chain as well as retail.


See the project video: 


Finding the balance between working on an international economic challenge and a school thesis project is a dynamic challenge. Making decisions between intellectual risk and practical execution was fun. Some challenges were trying to reframing relationships with organizations to be more longterm instead of transactional, embodying the values that the company wanted to convey, and thinking about short term goals that could be done within the time frame that was given.


The deliverable carries a continuation of the present to the future. Bringing together the social and the economic, I developed a business development idea that revolves more around the mission than the fashion. It is a process that focuses more on the reason that product needs to exist rather than the product itself and considers everything from education to resource allocation, and communication approach. My prototype offers a curated way of approaching equitable partnerships between people that want to serve a sector that is suffering.

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