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Merakied / VIZE

A better way to build our future and your key to unlocking your inner musician



Rae Yousefi


Merakied, derives from "meraki," a Greek word meaning to do something that carries your soul in your creation, with love and care. This project explores waste as a data and informational problem in a design system and addresses waste minimization "at the source" by resituating the problem of building waste within the architectural design process. VIZE is a platform for seamless music creation and sharing that develops new systems for production and invites newer ways for expanding art creation within music, art, literature.


See the project video: 


The challenge was immersing myself within a very large system with operational protocols and creating a system that engages users and inspire new ideas and creation tools.


The outcome was the development of a Building Informational Modeling (BIM)-based web tool as a material bank for a sustainable architecture, engineering and construction industry. I also developed a platform that allows easy, fun, and engaging development of music software by providing packs that can be manipulated for users unique creations.

MEET THE Designers:
Rae Yousefi

Rae Yousefi

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