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Wrapped in Luxury, Woven for Change

A rebrand and go-to-market strategy with product diversification, new imagery, and activation



Grant Parsons

Arthur Shen

Jade Warren


Introducing ZariZar to the Western market, we aimed to broaden its product range, attracting more customers. We pinpointed wall art, artistic collaborations, men's accessories, and small personal accessories as promising growth areas. Using interviews, user-testing, and research, we assessed market viability for these products while validating costs through financial analysis. We theorized that tapping into these markets would boost customer acquisition, e-commerce sales, and ultimately revenue, benefiting ZariZar and their craftsmen's livelihoods.


See the project video: 


Challenges include rebranding to justify the price point of the product, striking a balance between existing business models and designs with innovative ideas, as well as ensuring the presence of Indian culture within western society. During our exploration and ideation, we also have to remain practical and take into consideration the financial aspect for our creative strategies. With limited exposure to the specific product and market, we had to conduct research and expert interviews to inform our decisions. Another challenge would be working with an international client for the complexity of the network as well as the limited access to assets and opportunities to communicate with our client located within a different time zone.


We determined that exploring additional markets and revenue channels could greatly enhance ZariZar's growth potential, validating potential investment. Our exhaustive research produced a well-rounded pitch deck, featuring mock-ups of expanded product lines, potential artist collaborations, and in-depth financial projections that reveal promising cash flow. With a carefully devised go-to-market plan, brand strategy, and product design, we are confident that ZariZar can successfully penetrate the Western luxury market and establish a lasting foothold within the United States, becoming a noteworthy competitor in the industry.

MEET THE Designers:
Grant Parsons
Arthur Shen
Jade Warren
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