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Zarizar: Culturally Rich Luxury Beyond India

A new meaning to luxury wear and an exclusive product for each customer.



Rida Dangra

Meghna Ratra


Our project aims to create a brand strategy for Zarizar that communicates the rare access US customers have to these exclusive products, allowing them to be part of a profound impact on preserving the ancient Indian craft. In a world full of design houses that mass produce, Zarizar focuses on high-quality and sustainable production enforcing our social purpose through the strategy. By emphasizing that Zarizar provides customers with a unique product carrying high social status and no one else in the world can attain, the target audience is encouraged to desire a piece of Indian royalty while ensuring a future for the network of artisans.


See the project video: 


Throughout the course of this client project for Zarizar, we strived to figure out how to increase interest for Southeast Asian apparel in the US, beyond the Indian American who is a designated partaker of the culture. A significant contribution to our process was visiting an in-category competitor’s store which allowed us to observe the types of customers that purchased Indian apparel and what fueled their interests. Through these insights, we determined that the most important characteristics of the brand that we must highlight through the strategy were exclusivity, sustainability, and the rich quality of Zarizar products. This allowed us to take the strategy in a direction that would appeal to various target audiences in the US.


The brand strategy we have curated effectively positions Zarizar as a luxury brand housing skilled artisans that create pieces that are one of one, making customers feel prioritized and increasing brand loyalty. The strategy also aims to increase interest and raise awareness of the brand in the US by focusing on target audiences that go beyond those who may have an interest in Southeast Asian apparel, but also those who have an interest in pieces that stand as a symbol of luxury, value sustainable craftsmanship, and enjoy gifting rare presents during the holiday season. We bring the ancient Zari art to the US through powerful and compelling brand storytelling, making Zarizar products a strong desire for every American.

MEET THE Designers:
Rida Dangra
Meghna Ratra

Rida Dangra

Meghna Ratra

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