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Connecting with younger audiences by creating dialouge

Connect with younger generations by showing transparency within the foundation. Also, enhancing transparency by creating dialogue with GenZ.

Mariana Tous, Isabella Figueroa, Alan Chen


Social Impact, Transparency, Dialogue, Engagement, Connection


It is an overlying statistic that 90% of Millennials and GenZ prioritize transparency and honest information regarding companies, their products, and services, especially in today's digital age - it's what sets them apart from the others. Knowing this, we decided our best course of action would be to focus our work around transparency. Keeping the transparency theme in mind, we thought it would be adequate to turn the campaign into a conversation - a chain of testimonials.
Through Instagram and word of mouth, we'd be asking the youth to participate in answering the question, in our cause, have their voices heard. We would create a large campaign video composed of the smaller video submissions, advertise it on social media with our official HRF filter and hashtag (#HRFConvowithGenZ) in the hopes of more active participation and engagement.


Looking back at this semester, we went through many stages of trial and error, trying to find the best and most efficient way to engage this generation. Lucky for us, we were analyzing a generation to which we belong, so looking at how to appeal to it, we were also speaking from personal experience. We worked very arduously trying to see the best way to make this possible, being very aware that engaging the youth in a non-profit organization such as the Human Rights Foundation is a bit more delicate and more tricky.


We came up with the idea of a campaign where the youth get to play advocate to HRF. We needed a place to start but first had to find out exactly where our generation stands regarding what they know about human rights. We decided to open up the campaign with a simple yet fundamental question: What are human rights? Their responses and points of view were essential in order to move forward, learn, teach, share, and inspire. As a result, the video campaign, chain of testimonials, and social media revamp came into fruition. Apart from engagement, this campaign would also provide education surrounding the different topics surrounding Human Rights in order to educate the general public as well.

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