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Human Rights Engagement With Youth

A journey with us to understand the youth relations with human rights issues.

Giselle Yang, Sunny Jing, Ruru Zhang


Legal, Market Engagement, Prototyping, Social Impact, Social Justice


Our project aims to satisfy our client's needs, increase youth engagement, and bring people aware of issues that women face in closed societies. We discovered that youths are getting news primarily from social media and prefer informative and creative content from hundreds of our survey responses. Thus, we decided to make a series of video campaigns and an exhibition that can give the audience a sense of those who suffer because of the lack of human rights. We came up with three campaigns: Freedom of speech, protest rights, and access to menstrual products. The exhibition prototype is about menstrual poverty that causes girls in some developing nations to lose access to education due to the lack of menstrual products. The non-sanitary products they are using, such as animal furs and cow patties, can potentially cause vaginal infections.


We first of all have to figure out what’s the NGO ecosystem is like. We did this by researching 10 organizations who are in the similar humanitarian space, and compared each one’s social media presence and strategies. We also need to learn youth’s habit in news reading, and what kind of content excites them(text based, video, photography, etc). Lastly we realized the basic human rights education is lacking in most people, in the sense that many haven’t heard of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, therefore its hard to define and spot abuses going on in the world. So it is our challenge to find a way to make people care about international issues and educate them in a visually engaging way, through exhibitions and videos and visuals.


With the research and interview insights, we concluded that using online video campaigns and offline art exhibitions will be our solution for the HRF to increase youth engagement, mainly social media engagement. We designed short videos focused on various human rights and individual art exhibitions for each video. Our feedbacks from the prototype are primarily positive, and we also have more insights from interviews to improve the strategy.

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