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A Browser Extension

Caroline Harris


Economics, Entrepreneurship, Future, Shared Value, Sustainability


Consumer trust is at an all time low. Consumers want to feel aligned with brands, or connect over shared values. Lucid is a browser extension that enables consumers to shop according to what matters to them. We’re not just a sustainability rating, we create connections. We enable the alignment of consumers with brands, building out long term relationships. Lucid provides fashion brands and online retailers a rating based upon a value which the consumer has chosen. Lucid informs consumers if a brand is aligned with their value prior to purchase, cutting out the hassle of research or post purchase guilt.


Through a series of iterative prototypes, Lucid was developed. The big picture was the easy part, working through the nuanced details of functionality and design was the challenge. I wanted to create a tool that would assist the consumer throughout their entire journey. Rather than simply showing a rating, I asked myself how I could go further. This is when I really challenged myself to explore new features and functions to best support the consumer’s entire journey.


Lucid is a pre launch web browser extension which allows the online fashion consumer to make purchases aligned with their values, while avoiding the hassle of research and post purchase guilt. My final deliverables include a website, a business plan, and an Instagram. The website offers future consumers updates regarding our launch and an opportunity to connect with investors, as well as showcasing how Lucid works.

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