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Mixx Theater

A Web-Curated Live Concert Platform

Julia Mannarino


During the shutdowns in 2020, music venues and production companies started closing their doors for good. Experienced engineers and musicians were out of work and
it seemed that it would take a few years for venues to recover. This moment made apparent an opportunity that was there already but that the live music industry was also leading up too. Live stream companies developed rapidly, but still many viewers felt like they were stagnant, uncomfortable to watch, or not worth it when there is free content on Youtube. So I thought, how might we create desirable live stream concerts for both performers and viewers while incorporating independent venues, in order sustain the soul of music committees in cities and capitalize on live streaming.


My challenge was to deeply understand what makes live concerts so magical and memorable and how can I try to create an online experience that could be memorable and special in its own way. Through researching other industries like online gaming or events, I realized that entertainment is just that, entertainment, unless there is meaning to back it up and conversations to follow. As I began my process of making the prototype, I realized that by combining multiple elements in one space, the user can feel comfortable navigating and interacting with the platform to get what they want out of the experience.


The project evolved into Mixx Theater, a social web-curated concert platform, for artists and independent concert venues around the world. Mixx Theater hosts one concert at a time, and gives context on what is significant about each show, highlighting culture and history in music. Fans can learn about the backstory of the concert and have the chance to engage with the other audience members and even the artist. Mixx Theater aims to inspire and connect all music lovers who search farther than the point of entertainment.

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