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The Amazon lounge

A two tiered approach that invites innovation and socialization through an interactive space

Imani Brown, Tina Moghaddam


Amazon Saudi Arabia is seeking to engage their Gen-Z consumers and influence them to buy from Amazon's product oferings. For this project, we were tasked with researching the Gen-Z consumers of Saudi Arabia in order to hypothesize how we might appeal to them through a tailored shopping experience, in order to boost online sales.


Many saudi arabian consumers, soecially those within the gen z demographic have a hard time purchasing from brands/ companies that they are not familiar with. in addition, many of these consumers, have a variety of concerns regarding financial security and privacy when shopping online. moeover, ecommerce does not offer the same sense of community and socialization that shopping in person does. : an element of the shopping experiance that is highly valued by saudi arabias gen . in order to alleviate these concerns we choose to bridge the gap between ecommerce and retail thorugh twodifferent yet highly experiential shopping experiances that would facilitate brand loyalty and trust between and their gen z consumers


After conducting our Wii search, we decided to create an Amazon experience that showcases a two tiered approach. Our solution includes an Amazon lounge that will serve as a flag ship experience to offer Saudi Arabia is Genzie consumer and innovative and tailored shopping experience to familiarize them with Amazons branding. Our second tier will be a variety of pop-up shop locations throughout the Saudi region in collaboration with Samsung that will increase accessibility with the same offerings as our flag ship store but on a smaller scale. By giving Genzie consumers the opportunity to experience Amazon in a more tangible way outside of the e-commerce space they will grow to understand and trust the brand therefore driving an increase in sales.

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