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Co Consulting

Co Consulting is a full-service brand-building agency that merges the worlds of blockchain technology, NFTs, and luxury.


Madelyn Gostomski

Ilana Nozaique Kratchman


Maddy and I have spent the last year or so researching the blockchain and NFT space. We came to discover the general confusion and distrust coming from brands and consumers surrounding this space. For that reason, we established our own consulting agency called Co Consulting. With backgrounds in PR, Marketing, and Events, our mission is to educate brands on the space and demonstrate how blockchain and NFTs can generate brand value. Through the right tools and tailored strategies, we want to help brands seamlessly integrate into the space. We are currently working with our first client, Dou, where we began to develop a roadmap that would help meet long-term needs in terms of adapting to changing consumer demands, sustainability aspects, and the industry’s overall digitalization. We have developed a strategy and hope to use this demo for future clients in the luxury industry.


One of the main challenges we faced was the lack of secondary resources relating to NFTs and blockchain. Due to the fact the industry is extremely new, the knowledge that can be gained from the space is changing and adapting daily, making it hard to find concrete research.

Likewise, as females we were faced with the challenge of investigating a male dominated space. Women account for just 16% of the NFT art market, according to a report published by the research firm ArtTactic. The space as a whole is purposefully made confusing with confusing acronyms and chaotic discord communities. For us personally this was a challenge we faced as we began interacting and learning in the community.

Lastly, honing in on one client, and ensuring we started small was a difficult challenge to overcome. With entering a creative industry, it was difficult to be extremely realistic with our project.


Our intent is to help brands understand the value in incorporating blockchain and nft features into their business flow to help position their brands in the luxury industry and ultimately expand their market reach. We are looking to help brands reconnect with the next generation of consumers. Our recommendations offer a unique take on PR, Marketing, and Events strategies though phygital experiences. We are laying the groundwork for brands to efficiently evolve with the fashion industry’s digitalization all while maintaining its culture of luxury.
Through the use of blockchain and NFTs, we will be able to specific consumer demographics globally, changing demands in a cost efficient, a in cost effective manner.

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