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Exploring The Unseen Together

A way for Gen. Z and Millennials to engage with the news and change the world together.


Our project explores the ways in which Gen. Z and Millennials interact with the news and helps them take action through FRAME Media. We created new features that will help FRAME Media retain Gen. Z and Millennials readers and in return, FRAME Media will help Gen. Z and Millennials donate to causes they strongly feel needs a change. The top 3 features are reading/sharing, discussing, and donating. Each time a member reads the news, shares the news, or participates in a discussion, they receive points. 50 points are equivalent to 1USD.* Using the points, members will be able to donate to a list of organizations or causes that FRAME Media provides that are/ will be related to the articles. FRAME Media will be able to sustain the donations by having advertisements seamlessly integrated onto their site. Gen. Z and Millennials want change and are willing to go an extra mile for it to happen. We hope that through our project, change will happen; it will only happen if we are doing it together. Let's explore the unseen together and bring the change that is right.


The challenges we had to overcome were how can we introduce new ways to accommodate how Gen. Z and Millennials want to engage with the news? FRAME Media came with a brief that they wanted to increase readership/ viewership amongst Gen. Z and Millennials. Also, implementing the idea without having it cost too much. As FRAME Media is still a relatively small news start-up, we had to keep in mind the budget and keep it relatively low.


We came up with many ideas from launching a small campaign, building a dedicated app and exploring how users will engage with the app and lastly a new way members of FRAME Media will keep up with the news through new features on the site. We decided to go with adding new features on the site as it was the most cost efficient out of the 3 ideas and it is relatively easy to implement.

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