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Frame Virtual Gallery

Designing a creative format of reading news for Frame Media to attract more Gen-z’s attention.


Frame Media is an award-winning news publication based in New York. With the lack of high quality in-depth news nowadays in highly visual, interactive formats that engage young people, millions of young people aren’t consuming as much quality news, as a result, there is less information and they are less educated on critical issues. In our project, in order to help Genz consume high-quality and in-depth news with Frame, we’re developing a growth initiative project for Frame Media to engage deeply with Genz, by innovating news formats and distribution methods. We strive to support Frame to foster a more informed and empathetic future generation through influential and creative news.

Through our research, insight and prototype testing, we developed the Frame Virtual Gallery. We aim to create an immersive user experience for Genz to read more news, in a virtual gallery format. We hope to invite more Genz to engage with journalism and help Frame gain more attention.


First, most Gen Z don’t have the habit of reading news and are no longer attracted to the traditional news format and distribution methods. The majority of Gen Z are true digital natives, and they are open to more technology and adaptations. Second, Frame Media hasn’t developed appropriate platforms and distribution approaches to engage with Gen Z. Moreover, authenticity has been shown in Gen Z's research as a critical element in how they evaluate products and services. And finally, in order to increase engagement with Genz, the current version of Frame’s website design and news format is not creative and interactive enough. The user experience of Frame Media can be more unconventional and innovative to gain more attention from Gen Z.


We sought to address the list of opportunities that we identified during our research: Frame Media could build a virtual gallery to give Gen-Z an innovative way to read the news. Frame virtual gallery allows visitors to create their own tourist avatar before entering the gallery and will be guided by Frame virtual journalists to go through the gallery journey. At the same time, immersive experience and 3D technical effects can perfectly conform to Gen-Z's current preference that it is more interested in experiences with strong interactive and visual effects.

Our recommendation could create a new creative format for reading news for Frame Media. The innovation appeals to Gen-Z largely because of its extensive Immersive experience.

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