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Instagram Strategy Plan for Frame

Reform the way to communicate with Gen Z


Yanru Zhu

Shiyu Qin

Zhuorong Du


There are 33 million GEN Z reports active on Instagram Daily according to our statistics, to be able to reach FRAME's main request, which is to educate and introduce the social issue to a younger group audience, the data shows that Instagram has a large user base and the potential to help Frame media. We want to attract more GEN Z to FRAME's content and drive traffic to the company by Instagram daily. To increase followers at the lowest cost. Lastly, our plan is the plan that FRAME can start using tomorrow.


During this project, reaching out to professionals for an interview and designing a test without biases for testing are two main challenges. We sent out lots of emails and messages, even though most of them didn't look at it at all. But we still get some feedback. For the test of our prototyping, we think in a way that we don't know anything about Frame and revised from feedback from our instructors.


We focus our strategy on Instagram at a low cost. We produce a template for Frame to post their Instagram story daily while keeping audiences reading from the beginning to the end. And add collections of each project and other interesting topics for followers to browse on the homepage of Frame's ins account. Then, we develop a virtual character for Reel, which is able for everyone to embrace, read and listen to FRAME's content at the same time.

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