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INT3RTWIN3D is a store rooted in sustainable and accessible wellness partnering with small businesses in NYC/ Surrounding areas to foster community & awareness. The idea is to have 3 vendors who pay to be in the immersive space that I create.


Abigail Waxman


The goal is for the vendors to be on a 6 month lease to sell their goods or featured items in the store with the ability to extend but have a pop up feel. The three vendors would work closely together and it would be a great way to foster community with like minded vendors in the city without being in direct competition with each other. One vendor would be a coffee or tea company that also could provide small bites, a plant or flower shop and Finally a company that provides lifestyle goods


As for challenges, finances are still something that I need to sort out for the long run, as I focus moreso on the immersive experience and creating the Space. However, I did look into the Pop-up shop model and approximate finances as it is more feasible at first and could be a gateway to finding investors for the larger-scale project. Additionally, by chatting with businesses, I could gauge the equipment and staff needed to run such a place which I under-estimated. Truthfully, I merely scratched the surface when it came to finances and needed to look more seriously into the logistics if I wanted it to come to life. Meaning understanding city regulations, wages, Space, equipment, decor, staff, uniforms, long-term Space, and how much I would charge the vendors in accordance with rent while still making a profit.


The overwhelming support I got from local businesses on my project was heartwarming, and I am excited to make this shop a reality. It has been beautiful to see just how many companies share the same vision and values rooted in making our world a better place. Overall, I learned how to effectively communicate with vendors, design an immersive space, and create a fragrance of my own throughout this process. The next step would be to continue conversations with the vendors I'm in contact with and reach out to more! Hopefully, in the near future, I'll be able to open a Pop-Up to see where it could take me! Lastly, creating a community has always been something that I have been passionate about since moving to New York four years ago & this project truly reflects my growth and integration into self throughout my time at Parsons.

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