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MyFrame is a new dimension to Frame’s interactive platform that fosters engagement, community, learning and connection between Frame and its users.


Priya Chopra

Estelle Capor

Julia Leao


MyFrame is an extension of Frame’s interactive ecosystem. This platform enables Frame’s audience to create a personal account where users can read, save articles, attend virtual events, and see ways to support their local community. Series of articles are connected to virtual events and brand partnerships related to interactive news articles larger topics. The brand partnership enables donation to specific causes, deeper learning with expert guests, and also attracts new users from other ecosystems that care about the same things. At My Frame we foster a better generation consuming more qualitative news, by engagement, through participation, push more learning, building a community, and lastly one that has the possibility to scale frame beyond horizon.


The challenges we faced while developing this project were figuring out how to create a realistic value for frame that has the potential to scale while also evaluating how to attract more users to Frame. We wanted to align with the values that Frame already beholds and work within them to extend their ecosystem rather than change the DNA of Frame. Our biggest obstacle while prototyping was considering all the different features MYFRAME could have as well as brainstorming how users would join MYFRAME. We believe Frame has the capacity to execute our idea in a high level way and make users stay, but the hard part is getting people to show up in the first place.


We realized that this is an opportunity for users to participate and connect with Frame in order to further understand the topics that they report. Articles are connected to exciting virtual events with expert guests in the field, in partnership with related brands to draw attention and add sponsored money for the related cause.

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