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Online Exhibition

Designing a strategic recommendation for Diversify by Design, developing its program, utilizing its networks, and improving its website to help make the company presence stronger with giving more opportunities for students.


Bella Yoon


Diversify by Design is currently offering to create a racially justice and equitable design profession seeing that people needs support throughout the entire ecosystem. They want to help Black and Brown designers to develop and applying their talents without being lack of opportunity, awareness, access, support, and empowerment and they will be offering exposure, education, experience, employment, and empowerment. I have designed strategic recommendation to develop the part of experience section by improving on their website adding student work page, interested people has access to do auction to purchase students’ artwork or look at the student’s information. Selected students from this event will be able to get grant award and job/ intern opportunity.


When thinking about giving opportunities to show their artwork, first thing that came up in my mind was hold a physical exhibition. But while doing some research I have found out gathering students and receiving their artworks from all over the United States will be extreme amount of money as well as renting a space. After figuring out that holding a physical exhibition cannot happen in short term, it has turned the way to holding an online exhibition. After turning my way to online exhibition from the current platform my challenge was to thinking about the selling price of the student’s artwork, amount of grant rewards, and job opportunities that Diversify by Design can offer. From this challenge I had to dive deep into the research of current existing programs of what they are offering.


Breaking the timeline for Diversify by Design into call for application, application deadline, result announcement, and award. I have made the submission page mockup that anyone who are willing to be on this website can submit their information including their portfolio website, social media account, and attaching their portfolio files. The work will be chosen from Diversify by Design partners who has been or currently in the art industry and it can be chosen from one to several depending on their performance. Artworks that have been putted up in the website will be sold by auctioning from potential buyers, and the artist will be able to keep 20% of the sale price. Diversify by Design will give awards to the selected artists, there will be two options. First one will be grant reward, which will be $1000. Second will be giving job/ internship opportunity from DxD partner brands.

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