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App design that shows what you’re actually agreeing to


Kristi Yang


When you’re out and about looking for activities to do and things to see, how much information are you giving up just through a simple search? Even when not actively in use, AI-powered apps like Instagram and TikTok are still able to generate relevant content for you based on your past activity and data on your device, through access to your location, camera, and microphone. We may not have a say in how or where technology evolves, but shouldn’t we have a say in what’s ours? Don’t we deserve the right to know what’s being taken from us, when it’s being taken, and where exactly it’s going? PitStop is an app that uses AI and user data to suggest activities and things to do while being fully transparent to the user.


People are blindly giving access, control, and power over our personal data and information through mobile applications due to a lack of transparency in app design. And with more agreements taking place online, there’s less thought that goes into agreeing to terms or signing a contract when it’s as easy as clicking a button. Further, this automatic processing taking place is reinforced by the design in which the message is delivered in, so don’t even stop to think, is this truly helping us?


My solution is an app that makes privacy and user agreements transparent, understandable, and ensures that you, the user, consider what’s being given away, when it’s being given away, and where exactly it’s going. It’s a solution that allows you to finally know what you’re agreeing to when you agree terms and conditions and take back control of your data.

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