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Women in Rural Morocco and Artisanal Work


Salma Slimani


Sozi is a platform for women in the artisanal field in Morocco. In giving the women the value they deserve of their work, Sozi will be able to ensure a higher wage for the women's skills and open up opportunities for future investors to collaborate with the women in the artisanal field in hiring them through a contract that will be made through a mutual agreement to ensure the women will be getting paid well for their work and given value in an upgraded environment. Sozi will work with brands like Zyne, Salam Hello who support female artisanal craft in Morocco. Sozi is a platform to communicate and negotiate terms for a better future for women in the artisanal field in Morocco.


The process of my research was fruitfull yet challenging, in terms of finding women who will be willing to talk to me on camera. All the women i talked to in Morocco refused to have their images presented on the internet, therefore I had to find my way to transmit the message about their issues in the artisanal field without having a recording of a video or audio to respect their choices.


I was able to help the women i was in contact with to find better pay for their artisanal craft with local store in Morocco, and allowing the women to understand that their craft is very valued across the globe.

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