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The Desire For Speed

Using Formula One to combat sports related PTSD through High Adrenaline Workshops


Lauren Tillman


Formula One is currently one of the most elite high adrenaline sports in its field. Adrenaline has been an innate human desire since the beginning of time. The sport currently offers fans a glimpse through a season of fast fasted races and events. My proposal is to better utilize the unique characteristics of this high adrenaline sport to heal Military and Sports related PTSD traumas through a five day intensive workshop that will include adrenaline related activities, therapy sessions, and masterclass workshops with Formula One drivers.

Additionally, these events will be showcased on Formulas Ones Workshops Tab, showing users where events are taking place, a daily agenda and the workshops goals based upon the users personalized survey and past traumas. Finally, I proposed a personalized home page for users once they have signed up for a workshop where tailored events are placed on their agenda based upon their specific goals.


After extensive research of Adrenaline on the mind and body effects through published medical journals, and existing platforms for PTSD, I found three major challenges (opportunities) within Formula One and the already existing efforts to help those that have gone through Traumatic experiences. First, The sport of Formula One is highly exclusive and internationally based. There is no event that allows Formula One fans to appreciate the learning abilities, specifically in the United states. Second, How is this workshop going to differ from existing PTSD platforms and is there a way to harness speed and adrenaline to someone who is not a Professional Driver. And finally, what partnerships need to be created for this event to succeed long term. From these challenges I developed my guiding question- What solution allows Formula One to showcase its unique skills, heal post traumatic stress from injured athletes and tap into an underutilized market?


I sought to address the list of opportunities that were identified during my research: Linking injured athletes with PTSD to a High Adrenaline based workshop, while utilizing the unique characteristics the sport of Formula One has to offer. It also allows for Formula One to tap into an underutilized consumer base in the United states and Mental health. My recommendation to Formula One provides immediate value and return on investment and lays the foundation for PTSD workshops to grow into something much bigger. Injured athletes struggling with PTSD would be able to gain life changing resources and mindset shifts; and a interactive workshop for healing is Formula One's opportunity to become the familiar and go-to resource internationally, providing the wants and needs of their communities.

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