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The Future of Bullet Chatting

How to engage youth in the news


Bullet chatting is a whole new way of experiencing media. By displaying comments in live time, it allows users to be engaged with the content. It also creates a sense of community for FRAME media. By displaying comments and allowing users to react to other comments, we will be able to foster a greater experience and community.


After re-working our prototype and conducting prototype testing, our biggest challenge was creating a polished and fully functional prototype. In an ideal situation, our group would have loved to work with UX designers in order to create a mock app.


We aimed to streamline and utilize bullet chatting for the use of media in order to engage Gen Z in the news. Although very popular in Asian countries, bullet chatting has yet to be utilized in the western world. By improving the current technology of bullet chatting such as slowing down the speed of the comments on the screen, we believe that bullet chatting will be the tool that engages American youth in the news.

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