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Whose Gaze

A digital platform pushing female artists’ work into the media.


Belen Mirsky


A term coined by Laura Mulvey in 1975, the male gaze refers to the portrayal of women that fulfills the male fantasy while diminishing women to a sexual object. Media is largely controlled by the cis, straight male perspective. Nearly everything in society has been filtered through the male gaze, leaving damaging effects on those that do not identify with this “gaze.” In an effort to create something with longevity that will continue the conversation around the male gaze and create a space for new narratives, I developed Whose Gaze.
Whose Gaze is a digital platform that supports female artists of all mediums, with the goal of pushing new narratives into media. Investors, buyers, and supporters are able to discover new, up and coming female artists on the Whose Gaze website. By supporting female artists, the world will start to understand women the way they want to be understood.


The primary issue when creating Whose Gaze was ensuring the longevity of the project. Throughout history there have been many powerful feminist movements, unfortunately, after the peak of these movements has passed, they can often become forgotten. I had to come up with a way to make sure the conversation around the male gaze would not just become a moment in history, but instead be turned into an action that would last for years to come.


Through Whose Gaze, I have created a platform that supports female artists and the stories they tell through art. By showcasing their narratives, the male gaze will have a smaller presence in society. It is my hope that Whose Gaze will help draw attention to these artists, connecting them to larger audiences and opportunities.

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